St Mary's Church


"People have enquired how the repairs on the church tower are progressing. Well we know that the woodpeckers are to blame for having pecked more than 40 holes in the wood shingles. The jackdaws over several years then nested inside the tower which has resulted in 17 rubbish sacks of birds nesting material being removed. The P.C.C are now waiting for a structural engineer to report on the extent of the damage and how best to repair it. The cost of the initial work is over £7000 and to replace all the shingles and rotten timber will cost in excess of £12000. Some of this can be met from reserves and a generous legacy from a parishioner a few years ago. Almost certainly it will mean a major fund raising effort to cover any balance. Any help to raise funds will be much appreciated."   

"The Parochial Church Council is indebted to several village residents whose generous giving of their time keeps the churchyard looking as cared for as it does. The area is large so if anyone reading this has a little spare time and would like to join the gang of helpers, then please contact Valerie Smith or Sally Voelker."